How to Setup a Wireless Router?

The wireless routers become a significant demand for everyone using the internet. That is from a multinational company to teenage surfing blogs on their system.

How to Setup a Wireless Router Fast?Wireless Router is a common need after all!

That’s because a wireless router allows you to connect your device to the internet from sitting anywhere in the network zone.

Who wants to carry those ugly wires around to connect your device to the broadband?

So now, when the need of wireless router realized in every premise. Let’s discuss steps to set up the wireless router!

How to Setup a Wireless Router Fast?

Here I have described some steps to set up the wireless router as fast as possible.

1. Task1: Connecting the hardware

  •  Step1: After you have purchased the router you need it set up correctly. You must connect the broadband modem to your router first. But, you can keep the modem anywhere. I tell keeping the router near to the modem itself for better networking. You will need an Ethernet cable to connect them both. You will get the wire with the modem itself connecting WAN port on your router to the modem.
  • Step2: If in case you need better connectivity for your system. You can also connect the Ethernet directly to your computer system. But in that case, it won’t be known as a wireless connection! (But a tip for fast connection). Most modern routers support wireless and wired to be work simultaneously.
  • Step3: Connect the hardware for the initial setup. You will need either your laptop or computer connected to the network cable for the first time. This procedure recommended for adjusting the router settings.

2. Task2: Connecting the hardware to your Broadband Provider

  • Step1: Once you switch on the router, you need to register on the MAC address of the internet service provider to connect to the internet. The MAC of the router printed on the router.
  • Step2: Go to the site of the provider – You will provide username and password by the internet provider. Go to the internet provider website and enter the same login details. Then click on MAC update option. You will need updating the MAC address of your router on that page. Once you save the changes, it means that your router is now officially authorized to use the internet service by the provider.

3. Task3: Configuration of the Router

  • Step1: IP address of the router Generally, the address printed on the router. If not, you can search the IP address on the web by entering the model of your router. One of the most common IP address is:
  • Step2:Connecting your router to the web browser -Once you enter the IP address and press Enter, your browser will try to connect to the router.
  • Step3: Enter the Details – On the next page, it will ask your Username and Password to proceed further. You will find this information with the document that came with your router or printed on the same itself.
  • Step4: Choose the wireless settings – Once you log in, you will see the status screen. But, it left at the default settings only. Unless you provided any particular instructions from the provider. Click on the wireless section that will allow you to set up a wireless network. In this section, you can rename your wireless network. You will notice a section described as SSID or name. You can rename that field that everyone else will connect onto while searching for the Wi-Fi at your home.
  • Step5: Choose the security method – We must choose WPA2-PSK that helps in enabling your wireless connection to operate only through passwords. Make sure the password you enter in that field is complex for hackers to debug the same.
  • Step6:Save the settings – Now, you must save the configuration settings!. And then connect your device by searching for Wi-Fi in your laptop or smartphone.
There you go!
Router Fully Configured
You connected the wireless router and now enjoy the unlimited browsing!
I hope these tips on how to setup a wireless router would be helpful for you. If yes, please share these tips post on your favorite social media and comment your thoughts below.

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