10 Best Wireless Earbuds 2019 for Working Out & Running

Are you frustrated with the wired headphones?

The Best Wireless Earbuds Guide and ReviewFinding best performance wireless earbuds in 2019 is not a difficult task!.

The debate over Wired vs Wireless earbuds started a long time ago, and there is no sign which shows this will end soon…

The question is always – Which one is better?

Here we reviewed top 10 best wireless earbuds 2019 after testing many brands models and categorized each according to its performance and usefulness. You could easily find better one which suitable for you from here. If you’re related to any sports and fitness activities, then it’s always better to go with wireless option. The primary and straightforward reason for that is you won’t need to hassle with wires.

You will surely agree with me after reading this complete review post.

Listening to the music while working out, running, walking or gaming or on any occasion, these cable-less earbuds are the perfect choice for a person like you.

Here Are The Best Wireless Earbuds of 2019

There are inexpensive and costly wireless earbuds in the marketplace. Here we tried our level best to sort out top 10 list with good performance giving earbuds of under 50 to 100 price range.

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Wireless Earbuds Buyer’s Guide

bluetooth-earbuds-work-outPurchasing of wired headphones and wireless earbuds are drastically different. While purchasing wired headphones, you don’t need to overthink too much about the technical aspect of that product. But, in the case of wireless earbuds you need to know a detailed knowledge about that product before you purchase.

You need to keep in mind things like sound quality, Bluetooth frequency, noise cancellation, etc. It’s not a difficult task anyhow better understanding of product will get your more confidence while purchasing.

This buyer guide will surely help you to know everything in detail. Confidently you could purchase the perfect one according to your needs after reading this guide.

So, let’s started!.

What Are Wireless Earbuds:

The wireless earbuds are one type of earphone in which they don’t have any long cables, and they are easy to carry. It contains only a small piece of flexible wire which helps to connect the earbuds. You can freely take it in your pocket without worrying about cables may get knots.

The wireless earbuds mainly made for the people those are active in their lives. Especially for those who frustrated by the knotted headphones. There is a possibility to get wires may tangle when we carry wired headphones. We may feel frustration while untangling the knot and spend lots of time on it.

   Now it’s your turn to decide whether you are going with a wired option or a wireless one.

The Different kinds of Bluetooth Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are available in the market in various size, shape, and designs. The main thing which differs earbuds from the headphones is the way you keep it in your ear. Following are some of the primary type of Bluetooth earbuds which you can see currently in the market.

    • One Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece

There are varieties of earbuds can see around you. But, most commonly used wireless Bluetooth earbuds are single ear wireless earpiece. In which your one ear is always free, and you can listen to usual while other equipped with the device. By using these types of one piece one ear earbuds, you can make a call even you’re driving a vehicle or doing some other task with your hands. But it’s not recommended for music lovers who like to listen to music without any distractions.

    • Over-Ear Headphones

These are another version of Over-head headphones. In which headsets surround your whole ear instead of the head and the ear hooks provide more steady and stable listening experience. These types of headphones mainly developed for the people who find it hard to keep earbuds in their ears, maybe because of their ear canal shape or excessive sweating during the hard workouts. In this case, it’s always challenging to manage your headphone from slip out. So, Over-Ear headphones are perfect for those people who were facing these type of challenge in their lives.

    • Sports Earbuds

These are small, lightweight and assembled in one complete stiff component earbuds. Here you didn’t see any cables, and the earpiece fits tightly within the ear for a long time without any disturbance for the listener. These types of earbuds mainly built for active folks like those who interested in sports activities and workouts. Also, they come with IPX7 Waterproof and Sweat-proof model. In specific ventures, you might need to wear the helmet or other head-gear, so in the case of sports earbuds, they give full freedom for these with enjoyable listening experience.

    • Basic Earbuds

We all knew that the standard earbud contains two earpieces which inserted straight into your ears. Also, it has a hanging cable which connects these two earpieces. These earbuds are mainly suitable for the listener who likes to listen to audios from the Pc or Home stereo system. In that case, you need to connect your earbuds to the pc or Stereo system through Bluetooth, and you have the freedom to get up and walking around the room without breaking the music experience.

[a4b_box title=”Best Reasons to Buy Wireless Earbuds:”]

1) Comfortable for Work Out

In my opinion, the main advantage of wireless Earbuds is that without any worry about the wires tangles we can use as much as we want. In the gym, we workouts with different types of machines/ equipment, and in that case, the hanging wires of our headphone can make lots of problems. Especially around the cardio equipment and weight machines. So, in this situation, these wireless Earbuds help us to concentrate on the task without any distractions of wires.

2) Adaptability

The main thought comes when we purchasing a wireless Earbuds is that whether its support different portable devices or not. Don’t worry about it. In this era, it’s tough to find a machine which does not support Bluetooth technology. Even all modern video game system encourages the use of Bluetooth Earbuds. Because while playing games the sound effect can disturb others.

3) Affordability

While you are purchasing wireless earbuds, there is plenty of doubt came across in your mind. In that Affordability is one of them. Whether we can afford the budget for that product or not? So don’t worry about the price. As the time passes the Bluetooth technology advances, the expense of the product becomes less.

4) Sound Quality

When comparing with the ordinary earphones, Bluetooth earbuds provide fantastic sound quality. If you want to get the high-quality sound effect makes sure that the purchased product equipped with advanced technologies. After all, you’re spending a significant amount of money for it.

The rapid transmission of data with the help of Bluetooth technology makes Bluetooth earbuds audio quality differ from others. Before the final judgment always make sure the clarity of sound by visiting your local retailer.


Things you need look for in a Wireless Earbuds:

Nowadays Bluetooth headphones became an integral part of people, mainly those who are up-to-date in the field of technology and gadgets. So it is necessary to find the right pair when shopping.

If you’re interested in buying a Wire-Less Earbuds, then you should look all the significant factors and advantages of that product such as quality, comfort factor and so on. After all you’re consuming a substantial amount of cash in purchasing earbuds. So no more adjustments!

You must think the expense of that particular product as an investment. Thus make sure that the product lasts for a long time.

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  • Fit and Comfort
    One of the essential things you should understand is whether it is fit and comfort in your ear. If it’s not fit then, you’ll not get full benefits of the feature ‘Active Noise Cancellation.’ Today by looking the comfort of users, multiple ear tip earbuds are available in the market. These wireless earbuds are manufactured with different materials to get the user the right fit.Whenever you’re buying earbuds or any other product, you have to make sure comfort level of that product. If that product is not up to your expectations and comfort level, then don’t buy them.
  • Battery Life
    The battery life of wired headphone will be drastically different than the battery life on the wireless earbud. This battery life difference mainly occurred due to the size of the earphone. Most of the modern day earphone/earbuds can get the battery life of about 10 hours. The battery life also depends on the volume level in which music play and the Bluetooth technology which they used.
  • Noise Cancellation
    One of the main features of the wireless earbud is its Active Noise Cancellation technic. It blocks external noise completely. If you are passing through a noisy environment, it ‘s hard to hear the sound from your earbuds. In that situation, the Active Noise Cancellation feature helps you to experience the music without any outside distraction. Which means instead of music and your heart beats, you can’t hear anything.
  • Bluetooth Version
    When you are interested in purchasing a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, always make sure whether the product equipped with the latest Bluetooth version or not. Usually, the most recent versions provide excellent connectivity and better battery life. Bluetooth 5.0 is the newest version available in the market. But, this facility is now only possible with the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ devices.


 Are Wireless Earbuds Safe?

No doubt about that when we are trying a new thing in our life, there may come so many doubts and question regarding that things. Like Bluetooth earbuds, various users have uncertainties relating to the safety of using. Like, is there any side effects from using this device. Did the volume strength influence our eardrums?

The study shows that in all mobile listening devices, cordless headsets should not use at high volume levels. High volume levels make you less conscious of your environments, and you may get into problems.

Research studies show that compared with standard earphones, earbuds are a lot more likely to enable hearing issues. For the safety of your eardrums, it’s good to limit the duration of use and reduce the volume level.

We all knew that Bluetooth is a sort of wireless transmission. While transmitting signals, it emits out radiation. This radiation may provide a direct impact on human bodies. So, while using communication devices such as mobile phone or wireless router, you need to be more careful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. : How long does it take to charge?
A.: It almost takes 1:30 to 2:00 hrs to fully charged.

Q. : How long does the battery last?
A.  It depends on the quality of the earbuds. Almost all the standard earbuds will give 8 hrs decent battery life and 240 hours standby.

Q. : Can I have this when taking a shower?
A.  I wouldn’t submerge these. If the cover over the USB plug isn’t perfect, you’ll get water inside. One thing I’ve discovered is that if a drop of water gets inside one of the earbuds, it will drastically reduce volume on that side.


As a final thought, I would like to share some more pieces of information with you.

Some studies show that Bluetooth device generates fewer emissions than the cell phone. The main advantage of wireless Bluetooth earbuds are, we do not require to have the transmission devices such as mobile phone closer to our ear or brain. It helps us from the side effects of the radiation emitted from the mobile phone.

It’s all about the convenience. More about it’s small, comfortable and easy to carry. When comparing with the ordinary headphones, they provide excellent sound quality and block outside noise ultimately to experience the music without any outside distraction. Through the use of Bluetooth wireless earbuds, you can get rid of wires, and you no need to worry about long cables and to untangle the knot anymore.

In some cases, we may miss some of the good wireless earbuds on our review list. If you found any new ones, please comment below or inform us for further test and updates.

I Hope this 2019 best wireless earbuds guide would be helpful for you.

Thank You

Researcher and Author – Subeesh KM

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