10 Best Washing Machines 2019 Reviews & Guide

Buyer’s Guide to Washing Machine

The Best Washing Machines Guide and ReviewWe all love wearing new and trendy clothes that look good on us. Not only wearing them is sufficient, keeping them clean and tidy is also a must.

There come washing machines to the rescue!

Washing Machines these days have become a must buy utility item that people get to use on an everyday basis. Investing in a good washing machine is a good deal if you can put it to use regularly.

Believe me; your hands would thank you for that. Buying a washing machine for you is again a pretty tough task as there are plenty of them available in the market with different price ranges, brands, styles and what not. Keeping together all the constraints into consideration, you could filter out the one that you need to buy.

Do you know that washing machine these days are quicker to operate and in performance as well?

You can even add more clothes to the machine to wash while the device is already in use. Fully automatic washing machines are not only convenient to use but also are a big time saver!

From undergarments to sheets to regular clothes and to even woolen wears, a washing machine does the job to clean it all. Gone are the days when you would find just one or two kinds of washing machines in the market, these days the markets flooded with a variety of types of washing machines to choose.

Let us started with the history; these machines were created merely to replace the “hand washing of clothes.” These devices not only save you a ton of time but also help clean the clothes properly. In technical terms, the fast-moving apparatus inside the washing machine squeezes the clothes to jerk off any dirt residing on it. It is tough to squeeze the cloths with that pressure with your bare hands. Not only that, but the washing machine can do the task in much lesser time as compared to your hands, and so you can practically pile up your dirty laundry and keep them aside for a week to clean them together in the machine.

Types of Washing Machines:

Depends upon the variety of operation and type of use these machines, all of them can categorize into 3 categories. Let me point out everything in brief.

  1. Front Load:

These washing machines are a little expensive on the budget but are worth it in the name of convenience. If you are like to keep up with the quality of your clothes, then these machines are the ones to get your hands on as these known for gently cleaning the clothes. The cabinet capacity is much lesser so you would have to be a little careful about the quantity of your dirty laundry.

  1. Top Load:

These washing machines are less expensive than the front load ones and also do require a much lesser amount of water in the cleaning process. Another plus is the more significant capacity of the cleaning compartment in these machines. However, the rapid spinning on a faster pace can tangle the clothes in the machine. So you need to steer clear from that.

  1. Semi-Automatic:

If you are tight on a budget and do not care much about a little more convenience, then these machines would be best suited for you. With a bit of small task on your hands, these machines require much lesser water for the cleaning task. However, take a little more time for the work of washing the clothes, but they might cut down on the drying time of the clothes.

How will Washing Machine be Useful?

Before investing in this asset, you would need to do the math of its usefulness as well. Here we are listing a couple of points that will help you in deciding if washing machines are worth buying or not.

  1. Saves Water:

If you have been there washing clothes with your bare hands, you would understand how crucial it gets to save water then. Washing machines, on the other side, are excellent water savers. You would merely have to fill in a bucket of water for a week’s laundry, and you are all set. Semi-automatic machines are the best savers of water as compared to the other two.

  1. Convenient to Use:

Washing machine these days designed in a ‘minimal operating manner’ in which you would just have to fix your preferences and your fully automatic washing machine will do the entire work for you. Meanwhile, you can get the rest of your tasks done. Even the semi-automatic machines require the minimal of your manual labor.

  1. Time Saver:

You would not have to worry about piles of your laundries when you purchase a washing machine yourself. A laundry task that takes about 1 hour of your time when you do it manually could be done in just 25-30 minutes with a washing machine. Meanwhile, you can get along with your other routine tasks.

  1. Gentle Cleaning:

A good quality washing machine has good quality spinners in them that help in keeping up with the quality of your expensive laundry. While washing your clothes manually, the rigid bristles of the brush can hamper with the quality of your clothes. Good quality washing machines these days come with a ‘gentle cleaning’ option that takes a little more time but can use for washing expensive laundries.

  1. Eliminates Drying Out Time:

Most washing machines come with a separate drying compartment or come with a built-in one. This overall reduces the drying out time of clothes as after “machine-dry.” The clothes come out as good as almost dry.

Things  to Look Before Buying a Washing Machine:

Buying a washing machine just after reading reviews of people is not enough at all these days. You need to keep a check on your requirements along with a couple of more things that we are going to mention here before fixing up your decision of purchasing a specific washing machine.

  1. Look for a “brand”:

Washing machines mostly considered as a good investment which makes you all set for a couple of years. Make sure that you are going with a recognized brand for your washing machines. Also, a warranty is something that you need to look for before purchasing as you should never take a chance with a low-quality washing machine even if it is much lesser in price.

  1. Look for After Sale Services:

Looking for a company that provides a good after sales service is as important as buying a good quality washing machine. You would not want to keep wandering from one place to another if your washing machine goes terrible after its purchase. Therefore, consider going with a brand name that provides good after-sales services for its products.

  1. Evaluate Your Requirements:

If you are an individual who doesn’t indeed produce much of dirty laundry in a week, then there is no point in going overboard with your washing machine. You can go for a decent one that perfectly fits on your requirement list whereas, if you have a large family then you should invest in a large-size and fully automatic washing machine that would accommodate a more significant number of dirty clothes for washing.

  1. Evaluate the Type of Your “Dirty Laundry”:

If your dirty laundry consists of more number of delicate fiber clothing, then you should consider buying a washing machine that comes with an option of “hand simulation washing” or “gentle washing” whereas, if your dirty laundry consists of regular clothes then you can go for semi-automatic one as well! Remember, a perfect analysis of your requirements is important before buying a washing machine.

Best Reasons to Buy Washing Machine

Washing machines these days have become a necessity. Moreover, amidst of the busy lives that most people lead these days it almost becomes impossible to yield out a specific day just for laundry. Piling up dirty laundry again doesn’t help any bit. There arises a need to invest in a good washing machine that would at least reduce a little of your workload. With everything being smart these days, the washing machines to have designed in a similar fashion that works for you in just one or two instructions.

With so much of convenience, technicality, precision, and of course time saving the washing machines become a must buying commodities these days.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q. Who invented washing machines?

A. Alva J Fisher invented the electric-powered washing machine first. Before the electrically powered washing machines, there existed many different kinds of washing machines, but all of them had to require a significant part of the manual force. Fisher’s washing machine used to run with the help of an electric motor.

Q. How do washing machines work?

A. Washing machine consists of many components one of which is an agitator. The agitator stirs the clothes around and allows the soap/detergent to get mixed with water to produce foam. The washer then drains the water while the agitator is spinning. After refilling, the washer again drains out the water to remove soap from the clothes.

Q. Which Machine should you buy?

A. The choice of a washing machine depends entirely on your requirement. If your requirements aren’t huge, then you can go onboard with a semi-automatic one. Whereas if you need a multi-functional machine, then you can go for a fully automatic one. Again, the choice of top-load and front-load depends upon your own choice.

Q. How long do Washing Machines take to clean clothes?

A. The typical cycle in a washing machine takes an average of 30 minutes to rinse and clean the clothes in it. However, there are options for a quick wash that might take much lesser time to do the same task. Again, the cycle time of a washing machine depends from machines to machine and also on the type of the machine.

Q. How to clean washing machines?

A. If you want your washing machine to be squeaky clean then follow these steps:

Fill in the washer with hot water and set the timer for the longest time then add three tablespoons of white vinegar in it. Next, add five tablespoons full of baking soda and let the machine clean it internally. In the end, you can take a semi-wet microfiber cloth and wipe the remaining parts of your washing machine.

Q. How long do washing machines last?

A. The average time span of a washing machine to work appropriately ranges from 10 to 15 years. However, you can maintain it to increase its lifespan. For instance, you can clean it regularly and can also have its servicing done from time to time. Regarding cycles, an average washing machine can provide you up to 5500 cycles accurately.

Tip: Never overfill your washing machine’s cycle.

Q. How to buy washing machines?

A. You can even buy a washing machine online these days. However, it is always advised to check and feel your washing machine before its purchase manually. Many online websites provide a limited time span within which you can place return of an item. Make sure that you already have analyzed your laundry requirements before placing an order of your washing machine. If you are buying offline, make sure you get it delivered to your house.

Final Thought

Money spent on a washing machine can be considered as an investment only when you know how to put it to good use. As mentioned, it is essential to analyze your requirements before buying one. For this, you can also take help from the store managers if you are purchasing a washing machine offline. Never buy a washing machine that comes without warranty as it is not worth taking a risk. Also, you need to consider brand’s reputation and services before making your purchase. Once you get everything straight, you will have an incredible washing experience.

Happy cleaning! 🙂

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