10 Best Smartwatches 2019 for iPhone & Android

Look around you, isn’t everything getting smart?

The Best Smartwatches Guide and ReviewYour phone, network, and even your WATCH!.

Yes, you got it right the watches are also getting smarter.

With the technology getting advanced every breath we take we have reached the facility of wearing a smart device on our wrist. It can pretty much do everything that a phone can do.

Apart from the fact that it does not have a screen size of 8 inches!.

Yes, the world is saying goodbye to those big conventional wristwatches that didn’t show anything more than the time. Also to the people who said that they need a watch just to see the time.

The problem is actually in the education that provided about the product. People are not going to the right product.

Here we shared latest top 10 best smartwatches 2018 for Android and iPhone after using and testing 30+ devices. Whether you need Android or Apple iOS smartwatch, then this reviews & buyers guide will help you to choose a good one.

Here are Top 10 Best Smartwatches of 2019

We just listed some of the top rated smart-watches below. Hope this list will helpful for you to decide which one to choose. By clicking on see more option, you will get an in-depth review of that product.

Smart-Watch Buyer’s Guide

The 21st century is the era of science and AI (Artificial intelligence). Technology has taken over all the manual labor, making everything ‘smart’ for easy use and “Smart Watches” are one of them. A smartwatch is an electronic bracelet used for calculations, game-playing, music and of course ‘time’.


This guide is an effort to give you all information about the smart watches and helps you to buy absolutely the best one from the market. Get ready for a trip down to the watch highway.

Actually What is Smart-Watch?

What ‘smart’ word means is that the thing is up to date. It is generally regarding electronics means that the appliance connected to the Internet in some way or other. Smartwatches connected to the Internet, and it’s more than just showing you what time is.

Mostly these do the same things as of that the smartphones, or a tablet does. However, to get fully functional the newest smartwatches need to connect to a smart device.

[a4b_box title=”Benefits of Having a Smart-Watch”]

Though the product is relatively new in the market, people have started using it and are impressed with the benefits of it. After all, people always like new concepts and love to try them.

  • Notifications – All smart things are made to make your life easier, and smartwatches are no different. Notifications are the prime reason why you should go for a smartwatch. The ease of checking notifications without actually going to your pocket or bag is unexplainable.
  • Social Etiquette – Sitting in a group and checking your phone can regard as rude. Checking your watch has secretly been better than checking your mobile. And the best part is that 9 out 10 times no one will notice it either.
  • Internet of thingsControlling lighting system of your room or the sound of the sound system with just a few taps on that smart device on your wrist is quite amazing and worth giving a try.[/a4b_box]

How Smartwatches will be Useful

You are the customer, and it is your right to know whether it will be helpful to you or not. After all, your investment needs to be worth. If you take my word, this is probably the best thing you will be buying this decade. You will love it and will be amazed by seeing the uses of a smart-watch that you are going to buy. It is proving one hell of a device for people using it.

Know how it will be helpful in your life.

  • Travel:- Almost every one of us has put our tickets or the boarding pass somewhere inaccessible at least once while traveling. How about keeping it on your smart-watch. Always keeping it accessible and hassle-free.
  • Answering calls:- One of the best features of having a smart-watch is that you can accept and decline phone calls without even looking at your phone. Many people use the watch’s microphone to answer it, but personally, I feel that using wireless Bluetooth earbuds or earpiece is the best way to handle calls. The easiest and the style quotient it provides are unmatched.
  • Fitness:- Having a dedicated fitness band is excellent, but the problem that comes is that we always forget about it after some time. Now, almost all the smart-watches are capable of counting steps and also support fitness apps. That means, your cost of purchasing a smartwatch save your life.

Why Should I Buy?

Smartwatches has proved as a boon in the lives of the people using it. The satisfaction level of the customer is 100%. People like the new technology and embracing it with open arms.

Know how it will make your life easy.

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  • Listening to the Music – Hearing music almost everywhere that our phone is an excellent feeling. The time passes quickly; the work does not seem to be boring. But what if you need to stop a song? Or you need to change the tune? First, you need to take your mobile out of your pocket and then do the needful. With the smart-watch, you can always just click the next button or the pause button on your wrist, and you have done your job.
  • Battery life – If you have used a smartphone even for a day, you know what I mean. These devices are power hungry. The main reason of this is that they have bigger resolution and amount of time the screen needs to be switched on is high. Both of them eliminated in the smart-watch and if you question that connected to this wearable all day will drain your energy or not. They connected through Bluetooth 4.0 which is super power efficient.
  • Customization Watch face can change according to your need and mood. You can put a lighter or a funny watch face in the morning and a more professional watch face when in office.
  • Safety You don’t need to take your phone out anywhere eliminates the risk of forgetting it somewhere. You will also not be taking it out on the road which reduces the problem of the thief taking it.
  • Navigation Finally the lifeline of a traveler in an unknown city is the navigation system. You will love your watch in times of difficulty when you lost in a town. No hassle of seeing your phone every time, just look at your smartwatch, and you will get the way to your destination. [/a4b_list]

What to Look for Before Buying?

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If you are entirely in the mood to buy a smartwatch, then here are some tips to choose the right device.

  • OS and Device Compatibility:- As the majority of the watches are made to accompany the smartphone. Always check whether the smart-watch is entirely compatible with your device or not.
  • Display:- What most of the smartwatches have a screen is a bright LED screen that takes up too much battery. Look for the right screen display before you take the device to your home.
  • Interface:- One of the most significant factors to buy the product is that the interface. Touch is right, but the problem sometimes is that you will have difficulty in navigating certain things on that small screen. Latest versions have interfaced in which you can do many things just by a flick of your wrist, and that is fun to have.
  • Social Media Integration:- Buzzing on having text messages, emails or calls are functional, but you should also go for social media integration. After all, we all have notifications popping up on social media now and then. What good is a smart device if it does not have it in its system.
  • Applications:- Through the technology is new. Many models have given many applications. Instagram, CNN or Uber all have been part of some smart-watch. Some even give you the benefit of directly downloading the app on to the watch itself.
  • Fitness, Navigation and Other Things:- Fitness is one such topic that you just can’t leave when buying a smartwatch. Fitness apps are doing a fantastic job, and you’ve got to have them help you. Navigating from a watch is excellent, and you need to have this feature too.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: – Who Invented Smartwatch?

A: – Taking a name of a single person to give the credit for the invention of smart-watches wouldn’t be an excellent way to showcase the evolution of an ordinary watch to the present day smart-watches. There were many attempts to make smartwatches that were intended to be real computers as far back as the 1980’s. The first ever Smartwatch came in the form of calculator watch. That model introduced by Pulsar which came out in 1975.

It was the beginning of a genre that remains in departments all around the world. With the growth of personal computers during the 1980’s Seiko, revolutionized the watches by introducing D409 with onboard data entry via a miniature keyboard. In passing years, saw further modifications like the graphics, Rom, Ram and Bluetooth which gave birth to the present-day Smart-watches.

Q: – How Smart-Watches Work?

A: – Smart-watches, as the name suggests it is meant to be much more than the ordinary wristwatches. It has a screen and the ability to do much more than just to tell the time. The primary need for the smartwatch to work is that it needs to be connected to a smartphone to work. The notification for the various apps can display on the screen. Mobile apps can be run using the mobile operating system and Bluetooth connectivity.

Internal hardware varies with each model, and the common includes electronic visual display, backlit LCD, OLED or Hologram. Electronic paper is used to consume less power. The Software may consist of digital maps, personal organizers, etc.

Q: – Are Smartwatches Worth Buying?

A: – The invention of the smart-watches has revolutionized the way the watches work. It has become a handy tool for the ‘busy beings.’

The Smartphones are not like ordinary watches, but in any way, it is an extension of the Smartphone. For the people, notifications appear on the smart-watches make it useful to read all the essential information quickly without checking their phones regularly. Step tracking features motivate people to keep walking and remain fit.

With the use of Smartphone comes the disadvantage of battery, but smartwatches help to save battery for more critical use of the phone. On the places where Smartphones are not allowed can use the smartwatches.

The ultra-personal computers, i.e., the Smartphone might be helpful, but smart-watches become even more convenient being at an arm’s distance. The smart-watches have become an extension of the human body itself.

Q: – What Can Smartwatches Do?

A: – Calling, texting, navigating, calculating and what not. You name it, and you can do it. The smartwatches are no less than the wearable computers. The various models of the smart-watches come up with new features and applications. Some watches work as a full GPS system, with maps, current location, and navigation, all in one place.

New types of smart-watches that have taken the tech world by a storm are the new ‘Sport Watches.’ These watches have inbuilt tracking devices that keep track heartbeat and monitor your workout progress. Besides these advanced features, the messaging, emails, calculations, music and all essential operations remain the best of these smart-watches.

Q: – Are Smartwatches Waterproof?

A: – Still smart-watch is a trending topic, but recent advancements provide watches that are water resistant to 50-meters or beyond. These watches are designed to withstand accidental water exposure but not regular underwater wear.

The term waterproof changes with the depth, pressure and time. So it is better to say that smartwatches are instead water resistant up to a certain extent than to say that they are waterproof.

Final Thought

I think that you pretty much would have made your mind regarding the smartwatch. Personally, I would strongly recommend having it on your wrist. The facilities that they provide are unimaginable and magnificent, and It will make your life so easy. It is a great device, and you will surely enjoy it having on your wrist.

Researchers & Authors: Binda Thomas, Rupali M Sharma, and Sonali Guptha
Editor: RK

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