10 Best Vacuum Cleaner 2019 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

The Best Vacuum Cleaners Guide and ReviewHas dust and grit captured most of the areas in your home? 

Do your indoor lacks clean, visible vacuum lines on the floor rugs that can make your house appear cleaner? 

If yes, then there is only one handy solution to all your problemsA Vacuum Cleaner!

Honestly speaking, a house piled with dust molecules is not appealing. Whether you have a larger area occupied with carpets, or you have marble and tile floorings, if you want to keep dust and grit at bay, then a vacuum cleaner can be of great help.

Out there are numerous types of vacuum cleaners available each having countless exclusive features but the same functionality of keeping your indoor spaces clean and dust-free.

So, which one is just ‘perfect’ for you?

Whether you are an allergy sufferer or you have a pet at home, or there is a decidedly less carpeted area in your house, and a lot more factors need to consider when selecting a vacuum cleaner for your home. I know that finding all such elements in one go is quite hard, and this is makes buying the right vacuum cleaner even trickier.

So, to bring your senses to ease and to tell you everything about buying the best vacuum cleaner for your home, I bring you this best guiding post. I have reviewed a lot of vacuums myself and hence decided to tell you everything to help you buy the excellent fit vacuum cleaner for your house.

So, let’s get started!

What are Vacuum Cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners are also known as suction cleaners as these are machines working on suction. It uses an air pump for creating a partial vacuum to suck up all the dust and girt, mainly from floors. But you can always vacuum your upholstery, draperies, and other surfaces to keep them clean.

The dirt is gathered by a cyclone or a dust bag to be disposed or clean of later. Vacuum cleaners are available in varieties of models and sizes. They are ideal for residential as well as commercial use and are handy devices that are perfect for indoor purposes. There are specialised vacuums available that can be used to such liquids as well as dust.

Hoover Company introduced the very first vacuum, and for this reason, it often referred to as Hoover Cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners are handy, portable, and the most convenient way to keep your indoors clean. So, now you are convinced that they are essential for your home then check the different types of best tips to buy the right vacuum cleaners for your house!.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are various types and features vacuum cleaners available in the marketplace. If you don’t wish to experience any trouble, then you need to check the different varieties available.

So, let’s glance at different types of vacuum cleaners from here.

  • Upright Vacuum Cleaners

With low cost as compared to canister vacuum cleaner, the upright vacuum cleaners offer efficient and large-scale cleaning swath. They are ideal for thick clean carpets and can store conveniently. Available in both bagged and bagless forms. One of the most used vacuum cleaners for homes.

You can even use them to clean bare floors. The weight of upright vacuum cleaners is quite more than other models available. You need to place efforts to pull and push the machine. Also, they might be a little noisier as compared to other versions.

  • Canister Vacuum Cleaners

It offers better cleaning of bare floors, drapes, stairs, upholstery, and spaces under furniture. They are quieter and deliver noise-free operation. Even they come with a separate power head that makes them lighter as compared to the other types available in the market.

It’s highly versatile and can use to clean almost all spaces. With a full-size engine, they offer high performance without losing power. But most of the models are bulkier than the upright cleaners. Also, they require appropriate space for storage.

  • Stick Vacuum Cleaners

The stick vacuum cleaners have tall handles and bodies along with a power head. They are battery-powered units having lightweight. They are convenient to clean and efficient when you want quicker results. Also, they can be bent down to efficiently clean dirty floors.

Since they are lightweight, so they are easy to store. Also, these models operate on battery, and hence they are highly portable. Also, they are quite powerful than the upright counterpart. Mainly, they are ideal for picking up litter from the surface and having the small capacity as compared to other types. They can be somewhat noisy.

  • Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners

These miniature electric models are available in cordless and corded versions. They are quick surface, lightweight and ideal for cleaning short-pile carpets and bare floors. Few models can be used to clean up the car’s interiors as well as to keep your upholstery protected from the pet hair.

Usually, they are available in small size and hence offer limited capacity. //Ideal to perform smaller jobs where you desire quicker results. It will provide you with convenience even when your initial vacuum does not hold many attachments.

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

These are powerful vacuum cleaners that do all job while you relax. You can fine tune this vacuum for various levels to avail functionality as per your preference. Also, you can switch between the automatic and manual mode to ensure that the cleaning work is done on time.

Although they are powerful they don’t deliver as high cleaning as offered by canister and upright vacuum cleaners.

  • Central Vacuum Cleaners

They are very easy-to-use devices that lack a vacuum body to pull along. As a result, you need to carry along only the power head and hose. The central vacuum cleaners are relatively quiet, and it is essential to keep their dirt chambers free from dust and grit.

They are quite expensive and require professional installation on the first stage. Also, lack an in-unit place to store cleaning equipment while you are working.

How Vacuum Cleaner Will Useful

Vacuum cleaners are of great use. It comes with numerous advance and unique components that make it an efficient tool to rely on the home as well as the workplace. If you are still unsure regarding how vacuum cleaner will be useful to you, then you must check the below section:

  • Vacuum cleaners remove pet hair, dust, dirt, and other unwanted minute particles from the air.
  • You can clean almost all sorts of surfaces and spaces with a vacuum cleaner.
  • The vacuum cleaner is very much handy and compact. Hence, using and storing it is very simple and convenient.
  • A vacuum cleaner enhances cleanliness and hygiene in an environment. As a result, it promotes good health in a space and is ideal to protect your health.
  • You can avail cleaner air in your indoors with this fantastic tool. It is a powerful device with fantastic filtration efficiency that is excellent and aids in filtering airborne allergens as well as dust within the indoor space.
  • If you purchase a high-quality vacuum cleaner, then it will clean the entire mess from your home. As a result, you will be able to have cleaner spaces with fewer efforts and time.

What Things You Need to Look at Purchasing

  • Features – There are various types of vacuum cleaners available that incorporated with numerous features. So, if you wish to buy a vacuum cleaner that can serve all your needs, then you must purchase one with multiple advanced features.
  • Bagless or Bagged – You can purchase bagless or bagged vacuum cleaners according to your choice. If you are prone to allergies then emptying the bins of bagged vacuum cleaners can result in allergies or asthma problems.
  • Multi-surface Flooring – There are multi-surface or multi-floor vacuums available that are designed specially to clean hard floors, a combination of carpets, and similar surfaces. You must, therefore, look for a multi-surface vacuum that enables you to alter the brush roll on and off.
  • Power – It is essential to consider the power requirement of a vacuum. Amp is the measure of energy coming from the vacuum to your outlet. Wattage is the multiple of amps that you avail when the voltage is drawn. The best way to identify the power and performance of a vacuum is to check for air watts. It indicated the power capability of vacuum and with more than 200 air watts is a good indicator of power needed for cleaning the home.
  • Filters – The filters with HEPA are great to remove particles such as dander, dust, and allergens from the air. Such filters are ideal for those who are sensitive to pollen, pet hair, and dust. Hence, you must consider buying a vacuum with powerful filters so that it can offer you with lasting performance and convenience.

Best Reasons to Buy Vacuum Cleaner

  • Convenience – The main reason to buy a vacuum cleaner remains the same – to add comfort while you clean your home or other indoor spaces. Since vacuums are handy so they deliver efficient cleaning of all the areas.
  • Promote Cleanliness and Good Health in Your Home – With clean carpets and floors, as well as bacteria free spaces, you can make your home a beautiful place to live. A clean house is excellent to maintain good health, and if you are not able to clean a space correctly, then a vacuum cleaner offers superior support.
  • Save Your Time and Energy – You don’t have a vacuum cleaner yet, then surely you must be spending lots of time and energy to sweep off the dust from your home. As a result, you left with very less time to relax and enjoy recreational activities at home. Buying a vacuum cleaner saves times and energy that you can utilise on other essential things.
  • Easy to Use – A significant reason to buy vacuum cleaner is that it is straightforward to use. You can clean easily all spaces and areas, which you might not be able to reach with hands.
  • Ideal for Every day Mess – Vacuum cleaner is powerful and can clean the mess efficiently. Even you can get rid of frustrating pet hair and other hassles of cleaning
  • Easy to StoreVacuum cleaners are small, compact, and can store conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do higher AMPS mean better cleaning?

Ans. : Amps, watts, and horsepower are all measurements of electrical units. The performance of vacuum cleaner depends on the airflow and volume of suction produced. So, higher amps do not imply better cleaning.

Q. Which vacuums are better – bagless or bag vacuum?

Ans. : Both bagless and vacuums with the bag are highly efficient in cleaning the surfaces. The only difference is that bagless cleaners offer you the convenience to avoid buying additional bags. But, yes they can be quite messy to clean as compared to the vacuums with bags. On the other hand, bags with vacuum contain dust and dirt and may accidentally such even small objects.

Q. How many numbers of times do the carpet need to be vacuumed?

Ans. : Usually, it is suggested to practice the seven strokes cleansing for high-traffic areas. For less-traffic areas, you may apply three or four strokes. If you are quite crazy about cleansing, then you must shop for vacuums with dirt sensors that will inform you that an area is clean.

Q. How Often Should the Vacuum Cleaner’s Filter Be Changed?

Ans. : There is no need to change the filter as often as to change the bag. If you find signs of wear and tear on the filter, or torn due to excessive dust, then you can replace it. Usually, the filter works for 6 months at least.


Vacuum cleaners are like your Swiss knives, compact, handy yet powerful. So, you can check for the various types and models of vacuum cleaners and end up buying one that best meets your preferences and fits well within your budget.

10 Best Wireless Routers 2019 (WiFi) for Home & Gaming

Want a Best Wireless Router for Your Home or Office?

The Best Wireless Routers Guide and ReviewChoosing 2019 good from these hundreds of wi-fi routers is the hardest job!. Am I right?

Yes, I know..

I faced the same situation you are right nowYears back when I was looking for a good router for my home network. That time I don’t have any idea about which one to choose!.

I googled a lot and learned more about routers. I read reviews about the product I prefer to buy and bought it. Selecting that good one took me countless hours of learning and hard mental work.

You don’t need to waste hours anymore!.

I will share my complete knowledge and test results on this blog post without hiding anything. Now you could choose the best wireless router 2019 that suits your needs. You can select the perfect one with 100% confident.

Here are Top 10 Best Wireless Routers of 2019:

Wireless Router Buyer’s Guide

Spectrum, spectrum, and spectrum’s are everywhere! Along with the natural spectrum’s, many artificial spectrum’s are also available in this 21st century. Do you ever think about which Spectrum you use the most?
Well, think about it for 5 seconds?

Did you get the answer? I hope you did. Well, the most accurate answer is “wireless internet.” And there is a very special gadget to access and distribute these spectrum’s across our friends and family. The gadget is called “Wireless Router” or simply “Router.”

My wireless router space 

Routers are available in different options as like any other electronic device in the marketplace. It has lots of features and things that you need to know. There are various speeds, WiFi standards, multiple bands, etc. I point out everything in a straightforward manner that you can understand easily.
For non-technical people choosing a good router will become the hardest job! You don’t worry; I tried my best to simplify this guide.

What is a Wireless (Wi-Fi) Router?

wireless router working

A router commonly used in networking to forward data packets between network-enabled electronic devices. It can handle cable-less networking. It has functions of a router and Wireless Access Point (WAP) technology. Mainly used for accessing private and public computer networks. Wi-Fi enabled devices or gadgets connected to the network through WAP technology. Not only wireless, but it can also support wired Local Area Network (LAN).