Best Cyber Monday Deals and Ads in 2019

Do you know when you can get great online discounts and sales on every product?

Best Cyber Monday Deals and Ads in 2019Yes, it’s right after Black Friday.

We are talking about Cyber Monday. A day you would love to go on an online shopping spree. Visit your favorite retailer websites to enjoy savings. There are various Cyber Monday coupons available.

Get some great deals for clothes, shoes, electronics, video games and accessories. Different online retailers offer discounts, and Cyber Monday deals this day. It makes shopping fun for shopaholics.

Here’s an in-depth guide providing you with everything you need to know about Cyber Monday 2019 and the various deals it offers.

When is Cyber Monday in 2019?

The Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday starts from the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day. It will be Monday 02nd December in 2019. Date changes every year but the day always remains Monday.

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Significance of Cyber Monday

If you ever wonder about its significance and how Cyber Monday started, here’s your answer.

Cyber Monday is not a gazetted holiday. It is a day when US online retailers offer sales for their product or services.

The concept was the idea of Tony Valado in 2003. However, Ellen Davis coined the phrase ‘Cyber Monday’ and used it in 2005’s holiday eCommerce community.

Research shows that many people shopped online on the Monday after Thanksgiving. That is the main inspiration for this concept. So it becomes widespread, and lots of people rely on Cyber Monday upon shopping. They prefer this holiday for shopping than Black Friday.

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When Does Cyber Monday Start?

Most stores have their Cyber Monday pages up and ready by Sunday midnight. Some store offers discounts throughout the week or month. Some other stores combine Black Friday and Cyber Monday into a single weekend sale.

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What Time Does Cyber Monday Start?

The exact time is midnight on Monday, 02nd December. I recommended visiting sites before Monday because some retailers offer the Best Buy deals early as well.

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Benefits of Online Shopping at Cyber Monday

There are many benefits of online shopping at Cyber Monday as follows:

• No need to wait in lines or tolerate rushes

Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas season. Many people prefer shopping online to avoid the crowds in stores. Waiting for hours in long lines and sometimes returning home empty-handed.

You don’t even have to spend time or money hiring a babysitter while you do your shopping. You can shop while your kids play around, without worrying about them damaging anything or getting bored.

• More comfortable and Less Time-Consuming.

2019 Cyber Monday deals are 100% online. Making it more accessible, and less time consuming to search and buy gifts. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

You can visit as many online retailer websites as required to find what you want. Compare the best Cyber Monday deals of 2019 and buy from the retailer offering the best discount.

• No Restrictions or Dress Attire

There’s no need to waste time getting ready, and traveling to various stores looking for available gifts. You can do all your shopping in your PJs and from your kitchen, bedroom or office.

There were no restrictions on number of retailers you visit. Make a few clicks to visit different websites to compare the rates and various products on sale.

• Don’t Miss Great Deals and Sales.

It’s a known fact that Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest US travel weekends. There is a high chance of vacationers missing out on some fabulous Black Friday deals and sales.

That is how and why the online e-commerce community decided that Cyber Monday would let them shop even while traveling. So they can relax, and get their shopping done in time for the holiday season.

• Wide Range of Stores and Retailers

Online sales increased substantially on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Many more online retailers offer huge Cyber Monday deals and promotions. It is very likely you’ll find all your desired gifts for your near and dear ones.

• Some Disadvantages (With a Solution)

There are some disadvantages to Cyber Monday shopping. You cannot see the merchandise, have to wait for shipping or may have to return goods if not satisfied. Yet, many other benefits of shopping on Cyber Monday outweigh these disadvantages.

There’s also the possibility of some sites crashing because of heavy online traffic, or some products immediately getting sold out. I have a solution for this, which is to bookmark the items you want or add them to your cart before Cyber Monday starts.

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* Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, eBay, etc. offer Cyber Monday deals

You can save more by visiting your favorite retailer websites. It would be Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or eBay. Just find products, compare and buy from retailers who offer free shipping, and a refund or exchange policy on their Cyber Monday deals.

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Cyber Monday in the United States and across the world

Cyber Monday had indeed started in the United States. Nowadays, it has mixed reactions across the globe. Cyber Monday 2018 proves it’s rather popular in Europe. It’s also a typical shopping holiday in the UK, France, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Most non-English-speaking countries don’t celebrate it. Yet, it’s only a matter of time for it to get accepted in these countries. Most cases it will become a worldwide phenomenon.

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Useful Cyber Monday Tips

Here are some valuable tips to remember and put in place on Cyber Monday.

  1. You can save the most money on deals by
  • Signing up for email alerts from your coveted websites
  • Looking around for deals with free shipping
  • Getting updates on money-saving hot sales and the hourly specials
  1. Save your holiday shopping time by making a list and setting a budget for each gift. It’s better to visit your preferred sites as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
  1. Don’t worry about the safety of online shopping. It’s completely safe and the preferred option for most American consumers. There are rules to protect you.

Retailers are processing credit card data using approved methods. That protect your personal information and the privacy 100% secure. You can always request charge-backs if you buy a product online using a credit card.

  1. Do you wonder if it’s worth waiting for Cyber Monday? It all depends upon what you want to buy. There are some great Cyber Monday deals for things like smart TVs, computers, clothes, apparels, smartphones, shoes and accessories.
  1. You may wonder where you can save more- through seasonal sales, gift cards, or discount codes. Get the answer only by comparing other retailers. The ease of comparing rates and shopping at your leisure beats most other discount or sales offers.

If you wonder if it’s better to do your shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it all depends on you.

Black Friday deals limited to only offline and traditional stores. That means you should be ready for the associated mad rush and long lines.

However, if you want to conveniently and comfortably do your buying, and have everything sent to your doorstep. Then you definitely should try out the best Cyber Monday Deals available at your favorite online stores.

So, what are you waiting for? List down your goodies to make the most of the best cyber Monday deals 2019.


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